Real Estate

Real Estate

In all your planning, have you thought of what you will decide for your real estate options? Are you and your fiancé thinking of selling one of your homes? Are you both ready to purchase a new home to start your new journey together? Or are you going to be leasing first? Whatever it may be, this is where Sobi Qazi, Your Wedding Realtor comes in!

Sobi offers personal services to recently engaged, newlyweds, or couples looking to revamp their living arrangements. Sobi and her planning team understand that there are a lot of things on your “to-do” list so we can make sure to balance both with you with unparalleled services that fit your busy schedules.

As a licensed Realtor with expertise, experience, and training to make the real estate process simple and hassle-free as possible, Sobi will take care of your home buying or selling needs, so you can get your new home and begin your happily ever after.

From Great Beginning
To Happily Ever After.

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